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Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church
This is Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church, located at the far east end of Brasov Romania.  Originally built in 1392, it was redesigned in the 1400's and additions were made in the 1800's.  This was also the location of the oldest school in Romania, but it is now a museum.
As you can see, there is a cemetery next to the church, but all the headstones indicate relatively recent burial.  Not sure if burials have been going on since the church was built, but if so, I couldn't find anyone dated far back.  I am curious as to why that is... but didn't think I should ask. 
Brasov is in an area where the Carpathian Mountains, running north and south, meet with the Transylvanian Alps, which run east and west.  The view, looking away from the church, faces the mountains... its very nice. 

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