My favorite hobby, and why I don't have more money

I have been collecting comic books since I was 10 years old.  My first collected comic book was Nova #1, and was bought by my father when I was sick.  While that was the start, I really started collecting a few years later, buying dozens of books each week  By the time I graduated high school, I had over 3000 books.  Now my collection is approximately 15,000 books.  Its a fun, safe and enjoyable hobby.  The only downside about collecting today is that comic books can no longer be purchased except at comic books shops.  You use to be able to purchase comics at any grocery store, or convenience store, but no more.  Plus, when I started collecting comics they cost 25 cents.  Now the average comic book costs $2.99.  But still, I enjoy buying new books, and looking around to find old ones to fill my collection.

ComicBase by Human Computing

Arguably the best comic book collecting software on the market today.  Comicbase will not only keep track of your collection, but is updated every week with newly issued releases so you know what you have missed!  The program features barcode support, contains over 250,000 issues and the Archive edition has included over 100,000 cover scans.  If you have books which are not included with the program, you can easily add new titles and issues, scan and then add your own covers to the collection.  I should know as I think I have added over 1,000 covers myself.  Easy reporting, easy issue addition, lots of information regarding artists, storylines, writers, and more are included as well.  Worth its weight in gold!

Oddball Comics

Oddball Comics is a site (which use to be a column at Comic Book Resources) that tells the story of all the wacky and strange comics that have appeared over the years.  And believe me, there are plenty of strange books and titles out there.  It's a lot of fun to read about these books and the history behind them.  One of my favorite sites to go to, and if you enjoy comics at all, it may be yours as well.  Just check it out!

Comic Book Resources

This site includes all sorts of comic book news and information, including reviews, columns and previews.  If it has anything to do with comic books, you can probably find it here.  Everything you wanted, and even some things you don't.  My favorite column is the Oddball Comics column, which gives examples of some of the weirdest comics ever published.

Diamond Comic Distributors

Diamond Comics DistributorsDiamond is a primary distributor of comic books to comic shops all over the country.  They also provide news and resources regarding comics and related items.  The best feature of the site is the Shipping Lists that identify which comics are shipping for the current and next week.  Very important if you don't want to miss a particular issue. 

Comic Book Stores

The problem with collecting comics, especially older "back issues", is finding the ones you want (or need) to fill your collection. You have to go where the books are at, and not necessarily buy from only one source. As such, these stores are places that I have purchased from in the past, either in person or on-line (or sometimes both). Since I have had nothing but good experiences with them, I would not hesitate to recommend any of these fine establishements.

Comic Publishers

Various current comic book publishers, with the exception of Harvey.  Harvey ceased publishing books (for the most part) in the early 1990's but since they are my favorite, and still have a small website, they are included.

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