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2010 Complete Blog Entry Index
Mon, Sep 27, 10 Squirrels Hey, a picture of mine with a squirrel just sold ...
Sat, Sep 25, 10 Lighthouse Lighthouse
Sat, Sep 25, 10 Butterflies Butterflies
Mon, Sep 20, 10 Insects Insects
Wed, Sep 01, 10 Horses Horses
Tue, Aug 31, 10 Gerbera Daisy Gerbera Daisy
Mon, Aug 30, 10 Tulips Tulips
Mon, Aug 23, 10 Illinois Illinois
Sun, Aug 22, 10 Sunflowers Sunflowers
Sat, Aug 21, 10 More Ads pt 4 More and more...
Sat, Aug 21, 10 More Ads pt 3 Stupid 20 ad link limit....
Sat, Aug 21, 10 More Ads pt 2 Apparently, someone thought to now limit these ads to 20 per page
Sat, Aug 21, 10 More Ads More ads for FAA.
Wed, Jul 07, 10 Pictures To see some pictures of the trip click the link below.
Tue, Jul 06, 10 Standing Room Only Finally, we get to the church, St Nicholas Romanian Orthodox.
Tue, Jul 06, 10 Get Me to the Church On Time I think there's a song with that title.  And how appropriate for this entry....
Mon, Jul 05, 10 Romanian Wedding Prelude One of the reasons Cat and I chose these dates to come to Romania was that Ana, Catalina's best friend, was getting married on July 4th.
Fri, Jul 02, 10 Living on Tulsa Time Jet lag is an evil monster.  Really...it is.
Fri, Jul 02, 10 Looks Like We Made It We made it to Iasi, and so did our luggage.
Fri, Jul 02, 10 Having a Gas People get tired when they travel.  It's a given.
Thu, Jul 01, 10 Travelin Man (and Woman) Time to fly.  Literally...
Thu, Jun 24, 10 A Little More Sailing A few more sailing terms, but some other stuff...
Wed, Jun 23, 10 Come Sail Away Links having to do with boats and sailing.
Tue, Jun 22, 10 Gobbledygook 5 And on it goes.....
Sat, Jun 19, 10 Gobbledygook 4 Even more and more gobbledygook.
Sat, Jun 19, 10 Gobbledygook 3 More of the same....
Fri, Jun 18, 10 Gobbledygook 2 Gobbledygook, part 2
Fri, Jun 18, 10 Gobbledygook Random stuff from various picture.
Thu, Jun 17, 10 Seasons and Such Seasons and Such...
Wed, Jun 16, 10 Buildings and Places Building type links, plus other stuff.
Tue, Jun 15, 10 Natural World pt 2 Links, links and more links.
Thu, Jun 10, 10 Natural World Links for my art pertaining to the natural world.
Wed, Jun 09, 10 Places I Have Been pt 2 More Places...well, some duplicates.
Wed, Jun 09, 10 Places I Have Been Links for my art regarding places I've been.
Tue, Jun 08, 10 People People art links!
Mon, Jun 07, 10 The Colors pt 2 More and more colors....
Mon, Jun 07, 10 The Colors Oooohhhh.... the colors, the Colors!
Sun, Jun 06, 10 Trees and such Okay... now its time for things tree and tree related.
Sat, Jun 05, 10 Flower Art Flower power! 
Sat, Jun 05, 10 Water Art Water art links.
Sat, Jun 05, 10 Oklahoma Art Pardon this entry, but I'm trying to support my artwork.
Fri, Jun 04, 10 Testing 1-2-3 This is a test of a system for promoting some of my artwork.

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