Get Me to the Church On Time

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I think there's a song with that title.  And how appropriate for this entry....

The wedding was supposed to start at 6:30 PM and last about an hour.  We all then were supposed to go to the "reception" afterwards and literally party until dawn.  This time schedule actually was going to work out quite well, as it was playing right into our jet lag.  On this day I got up around 2 or 3 PM, so the wedding would almost be like going to work in the morning.  And if 6 AM is "dawn" then that would be like my 10 PM.  So far so good.

As I said, I woke up about 2 or 3 PM, wasn't really paying that much attention.  All I knew is that I had to be ready in time to leave for the wedding.  I don't have as many distractions here that I do at home, so getting ready doesn't take very long at all.  And I didn't want to get ready too early, as I didn't want to be sitting around in the suit sweating (no A/C in Cat's Mom's home).  So a little after 5 PM, I start to get ready. By 6 PM I was ready to go!

The ladies (Cat and her sister) were still getting ready.

At 6:15 PM they were still getting ready.... I was getting a bit worried.  I told them that perhaps they should hurry up a bit, but Cat said she still had to put on her makeup.

At 6:25 PM makeup still needed to be applied. They were discussing shoes.  I was staring at the clock beside myself, more than somewhat confused...

I should probably mention the process it will take once we leave the building to get to the Church.  The home is an apartment much like a condo, each resident owns their place instead of rents.  We are on the 4th floor, so it will involve women in high heels walking down all the flights of stairs.  Cat's heels are so high that if we all fell down the stairs, she would fall an extra stair.  Exiting would put us at the back of the building.  We would have to walk around the front, to the street corner, cross two streets to get to the taxi stand, and then take the taxi to the church.  The church isn't too far, but there are no direct ways of getting there since the streets here twist and turn.  This will take time.  Much more than the 5 minutes we currently had.  Well, would have had if they were actually ready. 

"We're going to be late!" which is strange coming from my lips, but they both somewhat shrugged as if it were no big deal.  It was at this point that I think a part of my brain blew up.  Just a little bit, but it was the section trying to figure out what was going on.  After all, this was the same Catalina Kolker who would chastise me for being late to work every day, even thought technically I often work late and "earned" the right to be late in the morning.  This was also the same Catalina Kolker who would admonish me for pulling up into our church parking lot as the opening hymn was already in progress.  So her not seeming to care about being late to the wedding was almost more than I could handle.

"Don't we want to get a good seat?!?"  If you live in Pryor and want to go to an event like a wedding, a funeral, or anything else for that matter, you have to get there early if you want a good seat.  People show up early just to get and save seats.  It's kinda upsetting, because some will show up as the doors open and save a million seats up front for those who don't show up early (or even on time).  I think if the doors were open days in advance, they would still be there saving those seats. 

"Oh," I was told, "that won't be a problem."  Really?  Okay.....  I mention that they invited about 90 some people, and the church is kinda small... "Oh, most of those won't be at the church, they'll just be at the party" was the reply.

"WHAT?!?! "   I was not understanding...."that's CHEATING?!?!"  I think another portion of my brain blew at this time.  How could people NOT go to the wedding, and just go to the party??  That's horrible, I thought.  Isn't the wedding the most important part?   I can't imagine people tell us about Nicole's wedding last October..."No, we won't be at the wedding, but we'll make the reception."  You just don't DO that!  The concept seemed so ...."foreign" to me.  Of course, it's all foreign, or in other words, I'm foreign and I just don't seem to have a clue at this point.

Finally, Cat and Sis were ready to go.  I've been pacing, it was well past the 6:30 PM starting time, but at least now we were on our way.....

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