Looks Like We Made It

Friday, July 2, 2010

We made it to Iasi, and so did our luggage.  It would seem a minor miracle, considering the number of stops, flights, car rides, shuttles, etc it took to get from Pryor to here.  And amazingly, this was perhaps the easiest, smoothest experience I've had coming to Romania. 

No late flights, except perhaps the last one which was maybe 30 minutes or so.  Customs/Immigration was no problem.  Our luggage was almost the first off the plane.  It was on the conveyor belt before we even got to the baggage claim area.  Our ride from Bucharest to Iasi was waiting for us when we got out.  His car was parked close by.  The car had air conditioning, and the trip went fairly smooth.  I only thought I would die a few times (Romanian drivers.... for 400 or so kilometers a few times is only natural).

Arrived at the house (flat, condo, apt - whatever) around 11 PM with several people waiting for us (Cat mainly) in anticipation.  Everyone was happy to see us (again Cat mainly) though I wish we would have had some time to clean up.  I'm sure I looked wonderful after 24 hours (or more) on the road.

It hit midnight, and now it was July 2nd.  Also meaning...Cat's Birthday!  So we all sang "Happy Birthday" (in English surprisingly).  The friends finally left, but we stayed up chatting with Sis and her boyfriend for a couple for hours it seemed. 

Finally, time for bed.  Sis had bought a fan just for me.  Heaven!  Nice and smooth, blows the air like a dream.  Amazing...best sleep I'd had in a long time.  Of course, being awake for 30 hours in a row might help with that.....

Coming soon....the bachelor party.

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