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Friday, July 2, 2010

Jet lag is an evil monster. is.  As I write this, it's 3:30 AM here in Romania.  Back home it's about 7:30 in the evening.  Only an 8 hour difference....

It doesn't help that I had virtually no sleep for 30+ hours the day (or two) before.  I would fall asleep a bit on the plane, for maybe 10 minutes or so, but my head would fall into some neck twisting position and I would wake up... still exhausted and with a sore neck for extra good measure.  Fun!

So, Thursday night/Friday morning after everyone else left, we finally went to bed.  Cat had to get a new passport so that was her schedule today.  My schedule...sleep.  And did I!

Her and her sister got up around 9 AM (I think) to get ready to go out.  Not sure when they left, but I was mostly asleep at the time.  When they came back at 2 PM, I was still in bed.  I had woke up for a few minutes, wrote in the blog (so if it doesn't make sense it was because I was half asleep) and got something to drink. But had gone back to sleep and was still there upon their arrival home. 

Cat mentioned something about getting up, but I said I needed a bit more sleep.  Mmmmm.... sleep!  At about 6 PM, I finally (reluctantly) got out of bed.  I guess I had to since the bachelors party was supposed to start around 9 PM.   I went (my arm now hurts) and came home.  Now its about 4 AM and I'm still awake.  But it's just as well... Cat and the bachelorettes are still not done with their party.  I have to stay up to let Cat in, as somehow I got the keys....

Wonder what time we'll get up tomorrow? really.  Later today.  Much later....I hope.

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