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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Time to fly.  Literally...

Cat and I are off to Europe, mainly to visit her family.  It's been a while since she's seen them, and I know she misses them, so here we go. 

Cat had mysteriously "lost" her passport a while ago, which is fine since it had expired (or was going to before we left on this trip) anyway.  We had adjusted for this, sending Cat to Washington DC to the Romanian Consulate office to get some official travel documents so she could get back into Romania.  No problem.  All this had been planned out...I figured everything would be fine.

However, we still worry a little, since this situation was new.  This being the case, we decided we should get to the airport a little (maybe a lot) earlier than the normal 2 hours early "they" say you should.

Mom drops us off at the airport around 10 something AM when our flight  leaves at 1 something.  We go up to the Continental kiosks to check in but then Cat tells the assistant there she doesn't have a passport but has a travel document instead.

Oops.  No more kiosk. 

He calls us over to the main check in desk and starts going over the documents...then typing into the computer terminal...then examines...types...examines... then picks up the phone.  So I ask..."Is there a problem?"  I mentioned the fact that we check and the US and Romanians should not have a problem with these documents....

The Continental guy says "True, but you also have check with each country you'll be traveling through as well"


He continued, "You have to make sure the French will be OK with it as well."

"OOOOkaaaaay" I said while I was really thinking "Damn French, always getting in the way!"  but left that part out of the conversation.  I had not even remotely considered this as a possible problem....

So the guy called someone, typed, examined, talked, typed and examined more.... then finally hung up.  "Okay," he said.  "No problems with France"

I took back everything I said (or thought) about the French. 

The guy from Continental was even nice enough to book us on the earlier flight to Houston, which was excellent since we really only had a scheduled 55 minute layover, and this would make it 2 hours.  Considering we were going to land at one end of the airport and the next flight would leave from the other (isn't that always the case?) this was wonderful.

So far so good....

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