Mail Blockage

Monday, December 28, 2009

I use Google Mail for all my email.  I love the way you can set it up to get mail from various accounts, so that you have all your mail in one spot.  Quick and easy, plus full featured as well.  However, there is one feature that I find that Google Mail just doesn't have, but I wish it did.

Blocking email.

Recently, I have found the need to block an email account or two, and tried to figure out what to do.  But that feature doesn't exist, so Google suggests you do something different. 

Create an email filter.

Normally, you filter your mail to sort it, categorize it, or highlight certain words are senders.  Google's specific features regarding filters allows you to somewhat "block" mail, so at least you don't have to see it.

When you create a filter, enter the email account from whom you wish to block.  In the next step, tell the system you want the email in question to bypass the inbox, mark it as read, and then deleted.  If you want to confuse or somewhat notify the sender that you are "blocking" their mail, you can also forward the mail back to the sender. 

This won't exactly block the mail, but it sends it to the trash.  Unless you browse your deleted emails, you will probably never see the ones that were sent from the blocked account before you empty the trash. 

I guess this works.  The thing about this process is that you only will know if it doesn't work.  So far so good.....

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