Let It Snow!

Friday, December 25, 2009

A white Christmas!  A minor Christmas miracle, if you will.  I can't remember the last snow on Christmas, but I'm sure it's been quite some time.  Cat says we have her to thank.  She has been missing snow soooo much, as it snows all the time in Romania, but here it seems to never ever snow.  As a result, she has been asking and praying for snow all the time.  Wishing for snow with all her might.  And amazingly, it came.

Now she is a bit sorry she asked.  Not for herself, but for all those she inconvenienced.  Such as my parents, who had a trip to Branson scheduled for Saturday.  And anyone else who had plans delayed or cancelled because of the snow.  After all, she did wish for it!

Our snowman!

Okay, so we know she didn't cause it, but we joke about it.  You know the saying.."be careful what you wish for, you may get it"?  We got it!  And while it may be somewhat of an inconvenience, we will enjoy it while we can.

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