Killer Worm

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cat and I live in a housing addition in the country.  Its a nice place, but one thing you can never forget is that we live in the country.  And one thing about Cat I should never forget... she is from the City.

Awhile back after the rains, we were coming home from a night out.  I had the keys in my hand, so I unlock and open the door.  Stepping inside with Cat right behind me, all of a sudden I hear her scream and then zoom past me in the entry way. 

Surprised, I looked around and tried to figure out what the heck was going on.  I looked at her, probably with a worried and puzzled expression, and she said there was something out there.  Something big...and it moved.

Oh first thought was a snake.  I peer out the door, and there right in front, there it was.

A worm.

To be fair to Cat, it was a pretty big worm, but it was still a worm.

Cat said something like, "It was huge!  It was going to eat my foot off!"

I told her that worms generally don't eat people, but she wasn't buying it.  So, I go outside and move the worm from the porch to the grass. 

"Great," she says, "so it can come back and get us another time."

I told her that worms also don't generally sit around (lay around?) and plot human destruction, but she would have none of it.  The worm was evil and most certainly out to get her.

She still shudders when I mention it....

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