Roadhouse Blues

Friday, May 22, 2009

Catalina runs a neat house.  A VERY neat house.  In fact, one could almost call her a "neat freak" in her desire to avoid germs, maintain cleanliness and such, and unfortunately, I'm not nearly as concerned with these things as she.  However, I do my best at following directions, and try to keep things tidy around the house. 

Catalina loves to clean.  Well, not sure she "loves" it but it sure seems like it since she's doing it all the time.  I've lived with neat freaks before, but that person hated cleaning, often didn't, but wanted everyone else to live up to their expectations of "clean".  Which, no one else being a "neat freak," was virtually impossible. 

Tonight we were on our way home from a funeral in Oklahoma City, and were passing through Tulsa at dinner time.  I thought it would be nice to eat out so that no one (okay.. Catalina) would have to cook after the long day.  She wanted to try something "new" so I had to think of something.  "New" is overrated, but figured I could think of something... and I did.

I had seen ads on TV for Logan's Roadhouse, and for some reason that came to mind.  I knew were one was located, it being close to the mall that Cat loves to go to, so I drove over, we parked and walked in.  I think the look on Catalina's face as we stepped through the door was a mixture of surprise and disgust.....

Peanut shells all over the floor.

Apparently Logan's is a restaurant where they serve all the peanuts you can eat, and then just throw the shells on the floor.  The floor was covered, and Cat asked "Why do the shells go on the floor?"   I had to tell her I didn't know, but when in Rome... you know, do as the Romans, right?

She gave me a somewhat hard look and asked, "What would you do in Rome?"

"Not sure," I replied.  "But here at Logan's...." I trailed off as I threw my peanut shells to the floor.  Cat sighed.  Poor dear, this had to be hard for her to see this giant mess on the floor, and in a place where she was going to eat, no less. 

We ate, she got a salad that I think she liked, but she barely ate any of it and asked for a to go box.  I eat fast, so I finished my burger, paid and we left. 

Not sure if we'll ever go back. 

Wonder what she would do if I threw shells on the floor here at home?  Don't think I'll tempt fate by even trying....

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