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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catalina is from Romania.  Iasi, Romania to be exact, and she is proud of her heritage.  And it is evident that she is not from Oklahoma when she speaks.  While her English is almost perfect, she does have an accent. 

It has happened on more than one occasion, when someone has heard her speak, that person would ask, "Oh..are you from Russia?"

Catalina smiles, and politely tells them, "No, I'm from Romania", and go on.  Only after they are gone, and we are alone does she complain... "Do they not know the difference between a Russian voice and a Romanian voice??!?!"


History Lesson:  World War II - The Nazis invade Romania, and Romania sides with Germany.  Eventually the Russians beat back the Germans and push them out of Romania.  Romania now sides with the Russians.  Which is pretty smart considering Romania basically had no military (compared to Russia or Germany), and kept them from sustaining much damage during the war.  But, when the war ended, Russia occupied Romania and made it part of the Soviet Bloc of countries much like Poland and East Germany.  The Communists, under the eventual leadership of Nicolae Ceauşescu, drove the country to ruin.  Long food lines, the country bankrupt, the people had enough and overthrew the government.  Nicolae Ceauşescu was tried and executed on Christmas Day, 1989, just 4 days after the start of the revolution.  His wife was also executed for good measure. 

I give that little lesson to show that perhaps Romanians have a reason to dislike Russia.  And so to be mistaken for a Russian...well, its a bit upsetting.  Can you blame her?

So just remember.... R-O-M-A-N-I-A.  It will make MY life much easier.

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