Mothers Day

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day is upon us.

"Mom" paintingI almost forgot that today was the day.  Mom and Dad went on vacation last week to an Elderhostel in Missouri.  If you don't know what an Elderhostel is, it's a place for "old" people to stay with activities scheduled during the stay.  Often there is a "theme"Grandma" painting" involved with the event.  I use the term "old" jokingly, as my parents will probably read this.  But there is a minimum age to attend these places.

Since they were gone and I work with Dad,  I was quite busy at work.  And sometimes when I get busy, I forget things.  Plus I don't have kids at home to remind of these things either, and their mothers are... well... elsewhere. 

Forgetting Mother's Day is never a good idea, and if done, the one forgetting may suffer for quite a while....

But fortunately for me, I remembered today.  Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and Grandma.  I couldn't have asked for two more wonderful women to raise me, and turn me into the fine upstanding man I am today. 

Okay...they did their best.  They only had so much to work with!

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