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Thursday, May 7, 2009

My daughter Nicole is getting married in October.  Nicole, in an effort to save money (yippee!), asked me a while back to print out her invitation.  She asked during tax season, so I had to tell her I couldn't until later.  While the blank invitations sat in my office, I kinda forgot about them.  Nicole calls me one night and says "I need my invitations in 4 days!" 

What??  Maybe I'm not well versed in weddings (though considering the number I've been through I should be), so I had to ask what the hurry was.  Considering its in October, why did she need them so soon?  Well, my question fell on deaf ears, and she insisted that I print them, and then deliver them to her in Tulsa while she was wedding dress shopping. 

Had to get the wording right, but Nicole did send me the words she wanted.  Thank goodness for that.  Then I had to format the text so it appeared right on the invitation.  And the RSVP card.   And find the right font.  The font is very important.  Has to look wedding-ish... you know, script type.  The pressure..not sure how I stood it.

I spent half the night trying to get all this done.  When I had the documents looking right, I sent them to Nicole via email for approval. 

She changed the time of the wedding. 

Huh?  Wow..good thing I didn't print them right out.

Printing them out was also a lot of fun.  First, I couldn't get the printer to print more than one at a time without telling me that the paper size was wrong, and I would have to press "OK" on the printer after each single one.  I had to print 150 of these, plus RSVP cards.  Desperate, I worked hard to figured out how to define my own paper size, so finally I got it to print multiple copies at a time.  Great!  At about 1 AM .... maybe 2 AM, I finished.  Got them all printed out. 

Now that the invitations are printed, Nicole cannot change her mind anymore about the time.  Hope she can live with that.....

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