Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A few people have seen my post from a couple of days ago regarding my pictures.  It seems that my "friends" that know me well looked at the pictures, and expressed their belief (or I should say disbelief) that I could actually create something that looked so nice.  My parents, gotta love them, also seemed to doubt that I actually did what I claimed to have done.

On one side, I should be happy that they thought the artwork was that good.  But it kinda hurts a bit that they think that I have so little talent.  At first I think a few of them thought I stole the picture, and just put my name on it.  Now, that's something I would NEVER do.  I made the paintings, taken from photographs that I took.

Below is another painting I made of a flower growing in front of my parents house. 

And now you can see the photograph the painting was made from. 

Maybe its because I'm an accountant people think I can't do this stuff.  Accountants are numbers people, art stuff isn't their "thing".  But it does make me happy to be able to do "create" these digital paintings.  This doesn't mean I could paint using brushes and canvas, but I do well with what I know best.... computers.

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