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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Even though my yard is the size of a postage stamp, we hired someone to mow our yard.  I just don't have the time to do it, and Cata hasn't had a yard to deal with in ages.  Her condo (they owned their apartment) was on the 4th floor right in the middle of the city.  Lucky for her... no yard.

Apparently, at sometime between last summer and this spring, one of the cables from my satellite dish fell from the side of the house, and was lying in the grass.  And the weeds were a bit tall as the yard hadn't been mowed yet this year.

See where this is going?

He, unfortunately, mowed over the cable, cutting the TV signal.  Cat called me at work all in a panic.  She could no longer get the Food Network.  And I think the yard guy was worried that I was going to be really upset.  Not really....things happen.

I got home, and eventually look around outside to see the damage.  Sure enough, the wire was cut.  Sliced to pieces.  However, I noticed something after looking at the wires and such on the side of the house.  I went back inside and turned on the TV in my office, and sure enough: Signal!  Went to the bedroom and did the same thing.  Signal there too!  The only line cut was the line to the living room TV.

Cat spent all afternoon without TV not knowing the other TV's worked.  She does prefer the living room though, since she can cook and listen to the TV at the same time. 

The yard guy volunteered to pay for the cut, but I told him we would see what was going to happen.  I called Dish Network and told them that the cable fell and that my yard guy cut it.  They checked my records and told me that it was under warranty, and they would have someone out in two days. 

Really?  No charge? charge. 


Called the yard guy to give them the good news, and I know he was happy.  Catalina was also happy that the repair man showed up the following day, a day early and got it fixed up and reattached the cable to the house.  So the end result was basically a day with out TV in the living room, plus we got our cable reattached to the house. 

All's well that ends well.  I like happy endings....

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