Birthday Party

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Okay..I know it's a day late.  But we were called to go to what I thought was a party for Dad on Friday, even though his birthday was on Thursday.  I figured this was because Friday would be easier for Catalina and I to make the trip, since there would be no work on Saturday. 

Right after work on Friday, Catalina and I rushed off to Tulsa to be at my parent's house by 6 PM.  We also had to stop and get a present for his party.   It doesn't take much time to get a gift certificate and a card, and Dad seems to like Kohls.  Which is good since there's one right on the way to their place.

We show up, and Grandma is there, but no "party".  No dinner...and no cake and candles.  Actually, there was a cake, but it already had pieces cut out of it.  I brought my camera along to take pictures but really, there was nothing to take pictures of. 

"I thought there would be cake...opening presents...blowing out candles, all that stuff," I said.

"Jeff," said my Mom, "his birthday was yesterday."

No kidding... I just thought we were going to celebrate on Friday.  Especially since they asked us to come down then, and not on Thursday.

Oh well...the cake was good, and we did get to visit a bit.  Which is good cause we don't get to see Grandma that often.  We should go more often, but everyday life and the 2 hour round trip seem to make that a little more difficult that it seems.  Excuses...I know.

After the "non-party" party, Catalina and I went out to eat at Outback.  Cat loves the place.... but I'm not sure why.  Her steaks are a whole lot better than anything I've ever had there.  Maybe its because she doesn't have to cook it...


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