Stormy Monday Blues

Saturday, April 4, 2009

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Besides being the name of a great song, the title also is a good description of my previous Monday. 

Cata and I came home from the office around 6 PM on this very windy day.  As we walked in, I headed toward my office carrying a big box of tax returns, carefully making sure that none of the papers would be snatched by the wind.  Cata made her way to the bedroom, but before she got there she stopped and made a noise that gave me pause.  She sounded worried... which instantly made me worried.  I left the office and as I got close to the bedroom, I heard the a familiar sound, but one that I wouldn't have expected to hear.  The sound of the wind blowing through our metal blinds.

Yes...we still have those thin little metal blinds.  I've been told those are so out of fashion that I should replace them.  It's on my list of things to do.  But, I digress...

My first thought was that the window was left open...but I didn't remember opening it.  We peeked our heads into the bedroom when we saw the window.  It was shattered.... glass was everywhere.  What a mess!  Thinking someone might have tried to break in, I look around the room noticing nothing was out of place.  Well...other than the shards of glass.  Looking out of the window, avoiding being sliced by the glass, you could see much of the remains on our deck. 

Opening the door next to the window, I then reached for adjacent the storm door but it was already open.  Now, I thought I had locked the door, but there it was...standing wide open.  I pushed the door a bit so I could get out, but the door had a problem moving.  Looking up at the hydraulic, I saw that it was bent.  The door wouldn't shut, as the bent and broken hydraulic arm wouldn't allow it.  Interesting...

So, here is what we think happened.  Somehow, the storm door opened.  Not sure how the wind could have unlatched it, but I guess that really isn't important at the moment.  Did someone help it open?  Not sure .... and not sure if we will ever know.  But, needless to say the door was opened.  And the wind...well, the wind did what wind blew.  And being that this was a very windy day, it blew hard.  So hard it took the door, and blew it all the way to the left, bending the hydraulic arm and smashing it against the bedroom window.  Yea!

We cleaned up the mess, and I tried calling a local glass repair shop.  It was after hours, so I didn't expect an answer, but things must be different where she lives.  Maybe its because she's from a big city, there are people who fix things at all hours of the day.  Not here in Pryor, I had to wait 'till the morning.  But I did find that I could order a replacement arm for my door from Amazon.  Amazing.....

Cata is pretty smart about things...and she found some unused plastic painters drop cloths I had from a long time ago.  We unrolled one, and cut it up a bit to use as a window covering.  We taped up one piece on the outside, and another on the inside.  I guess you can't tell exactly how well you did until it gets tested, and that night it was tested. 

Big time tested.

It stormed later that night...rained so hard it sounded like a waterfall was next to the house.  And windy times it seemed like the rain was flowing vertically through the air, yet no water in the house.  Nothing came through the plastic... Cata did good!  (as usual) 

Still am that storm door opened.  It's a mystery.

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