Night of the Living Dead

Friday, April 3, 2009

That would be tonight.  I am a zombie.  Or at least, I feel like one.

Staring almost blankly into the screen of my laptop, sitting in my chair, I know I should be working, but I just can't make myself move to do anything.  My mind says..."Go, you fool!  You've got tons of work to do!".  My body says..."I ain't moving!  And you can't make me!" 

It seems the body is winning this one.

Of course, in my present state, not sure anyone would want me to be working on their return at the moment.  I know the deadline is getting close, and most people want their stuff yesterday, but I think a majority of them would prefer to wait an extra day than to know I did theirs while half asleep.  Though sometimes I think I do my best work half asleep.

Took a nap when I got home, but that didn't help.  It was supposed to be for 30 minutes, but turned into an hour courtesy of the snooze button.  That sweet, seductive snooze button...giver of extra sleep, and hurried mornings, but never seems to make me feel better after using it.  It's like a drug.... feels good at first, but in the end it causes more problems than its worth.

So... instead of working, I have my music playing, blaring loudly in my office here at home as I try to get myself to function.  Cata is in the living room watching her Psi Factor dvd's probably wondering what is going on.  Well, I think she understands a bit.  She came in here to chat as she often does, but I don't think I was really with it.  She could tell by the blank expression that I wasn't all there, as she said, " You should get some sleep."

I think that's what I'll go do.  Sleep like the (living) dead.

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