Counting Miss Pryor

Thursday, March 12, 2009

One of my Sertoma duties is to count the votes at the annual Miss Pryor contest.  This is something I've done for the last...oh... maybe about 19 years.  Could be 18 years.  About as long as some of the girls in the contest are old.  I'm getting old....

I used to watch the contest, but no more.  It's the same thing every year, but with different contestants.  So, I just sit backstage and visit with some of the other Sertoma members that also "volunteer" to work at the contest. 

The pageant was this past Saturday, and I used my trusty OLD laptop to count the votes.  Apparently, the software I used to automate the counting of votes doesn't work on Vista.  Another reason to hate Vista.  

Done this so many times, I could practically do it in my sleep.  The judges put their votes on paper, Hack Gaither (my assistant/double checker) goes and gets the pages, and he reads off the scores as I enter the numbers.  I print out a report and we double check the figures.  Easy...and quick.  They haven't had to wait for me for the results ... well, in a long, long time.

Catalina went to the show along with Nicole, who happens to be a former Miss Pryor.  Not sure what Cat thought about the thing, but she said "It was nice".   Hmmm....

Maybe it was...maybe it wasn't.  Since I didn't watch, I wouldn't know.

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