Holes In My Head

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I need to be more careful, and think about what I'm doing.....

I was looking for a cable to hook up my DVD player to my TV, thinking that somewhere I had a spare HDMI cable floating around.  All my spare cables go in this big storage tub, which is in the attic, so up to the attic I went.  Searching through the tub, I couldn't find it, and now I was thinking that maybe I had used the spare cable in something else.  I stood up to ponder this thought and....

Must have forgot that 1) the roof is pretty low so standing straight up isn't really a good idea and 2) there are nails sticking out of the roof which I guess is what keeps the shingles on the roof. 

So, I stood up, hit my head, and hit it on a nail. 


Well, actually, it didn't really hurt.  The nail I hit wasn't too far out of the wood, but still, I actually had to feel the top of my head to make sure I was bleeding.  Makes me worried that it didn't hurt...I barely felt it. 

Of course, Cat was all worried, and made me put on a Band-aid to cover the wound.  I protested a bit, but her being the nurse that she is, I lost the discussion even before it began.

The next day I had to take out the Band-aid, and it was stuck to my hair, and didn't want to leave.  My only option was to pull it out, ripping out several hairs in the process.


That did really hurt.  Plus, I lost several precious hairs, as I need all that I can keep.

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