It's Cold Outside!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Amazing... Thursday of last week the high was near 80° F, yesterday it snowed and this morning it was in the 20's. 

I think Catalina is impressed at how varied the weather can be here.  One day t-shirts, the next a heavy winter jacket.  And I think she's a bit surprised considering it's March.  Even though March 22nd is the official first day of Spring, over there in Romania (as she tells me) they tend to consider March a Spring month.  March, April and May = Spring.  Well, as I write this it's -2°C in Iasi (that's about 28°F for us here in the States), so that doesn't seem so Spring like to me.  Still...that's the way they look at it.   Easier to remember, at least.

One of the biggest snows that I can remember here in Oklahoma occurred in March around 1990.  We got about 1 foot of snow, drifts over 2 feet.  I remember this distinctly because of the company I worked for said that if we didn't make it in to work, we would be docked a days pay.  How unfair, I thought, considering I had two feet of snow at the end of my driveway and my little Honda Civic wasn't the best vehicle for plowing through snow.  If I tried, I would've been like a beached whale, stuck on a snowdrift in front of my house.  Miss that day's pay, obviously.

Looking forward to it warming up some, but as I'm chained to my desk until April 15, I can't take advantage of any good weather until then.  So the way I see it, lets have all the year's crappy weather for the next 45 days, and nothing but clear skies and sunshine after that for the rest of the year. 

Sounds good to me.

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