They Don't Build 'Em Like They Used To

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm looking for a replacement TV for the one that just died.  One of the things I loved about that "old" TV was its Picture in Picture (PIP) feature.  When my laptop was hooked up to the TV, I could watch through the PIP screen a DVD or the HD Satellite signal while I worked on the rest of the screen.  It was great, and I used it all the time, especially when working late at night. 

So, I figured that it should be easy to find a TV with the exact same features.  Right?  Well...wrong!  First of all, there are no small TV's with PIP.  Not sure why, but the smallest TV with that feature was 26".  Not such a big deal, and in fact I ordered that TV looking forward to the bigger picture.

Fortunately, most TV's seem to have their manuals posted online.  I started reading this one's, and realized that the PIP did not work with the inputs for DVD or HD Sat, but only worked with the standard coax TV input.  No HD, No DVD.... just plain old TV.  What a rip off!  I quickly cancelled the order before it could be shipped.

I restarted my search, looking for a PIP TV that actually did what I wanted.  Started small, and worked my way up until I got to prices around $1,000.  The only PIP's were the standard TV inputs.  I couldn't believe it.  Three years ago the feature I wanted existed, but doesn't.  It's like the purposely crippled the features of the TV.  Why?  Wish I knew.....

I gave up the idea of being able to have the PIP feature like I wanted, so I bought a TV without it.  Cheaper for me, which is good, but I am going to miss my "old" TV.

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