Love/Hate Relationship

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting a new computer is fun.  Setting up a new computer isn't fun.

It's amazing how much software I use on my computer.  Software of all, accounting, Internet, web design, programming, graphics, word processing and spreadsheets, and all sorts of utilities.  I got this computer in December, and I still find myself installing programs even today. 

And to make it worse, this new laptop has Vista.  Oh... its not fun.  Anyone that tells you Vista is good is lying.  Or delusional.  Maybe both! 

So, not all of these programs work exactly right on Vista.  I have to find program updates, driver updates, install patches, etc.  Ugh... and sometimes it doesn't work right, so I have to figure out why, install...uninstall... reinstall, research the 'net and see why it didn't work again.  Write tech support, wait some time, and then finally get an answer that doesn't always make sense and try the thing again. 

The computer is great, too bad if I really want to use it, I have to suffer greatly for the privilege.

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