Death of a TV

Monday, February 23, 2009

Electronic devices die.  That's a fact of life.  It's not so bad when you've had the device for a long time, but when they don't last too long, that can be a bit upsetting. 

I had...well, I still have it, but now it doesn't work...a TV that died 2 weeks after its three year extended warranty expired.  It's timing was impeccable.  I may take it apart to try and find the kill switch...that is the only reasonable explanation.  (just kidding)

I could try to get it fixed, but at a minimum, it would cost $200 plus shipping, and could be more.  And considering I paid about $500 for the 17" TV, the repair price seems a bit extreme.  Plus, I can get a larger TV with many more features for less than the original purchase price of the old one. 

Darn..have to get a new TV for my office here at home.  I'm crushed.  (again...just kidding)

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