Hypocracy on a Truck

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Driving down Hwy 20 headed toward Claremore, I noticed what looked like a bit of fog on the road.  A hazy bit of fog on an otherwise bright sunny day.

"That's weird," I thought as I kept my eye on it.  I wasn't getting closer, the fog seemed to be moving down the road.  After a while, I was catching up, and I could see a truck in the "fog".  "Great," I muttered as I figured it was a truck burning a lot of oil and belching out black smoke.

Got even closer, when I noticed something really weird.  Have you ever driven down the road when just a little bit of snow had fallen? Those light tiny flakes that when on the road, they blow all over like tendrils of smoke, brushing back and forth across the road as the wind and cars pass over?  Well, that's what I saw, except it was black.  Wisps of black "snow" moving across the road right in front of me. 

Now I was really curious, as I couldn't figure out what was going on.  Never saw burnt oil exhaust do that before! 

So finally, I am catching up with the truck, and I notice then name on the back.  Waste Management.  Uh oh...and then I noticed that whatever was the black stuff, it wasn't exhaust.  I wonder what kind of waste this was they were managing...managing to dump along the road.  The truck, a dump truck of sorts, somewhat like a coal car on a train, didn't have its bed covered, and this black "powder" was billowing out from the bed to behind the truck as it sped down the road.

Great, now I probably have cancer.

Realizing what was going on, I sped up to pass the truck, even though we were entering the Speed Trap zone just east of Claremore.  I think a Oklahoma Highway Patrolman lives in that area, much like a troll that lives under a bridge, stopping unsuspecting people as they past by.  But the thought of driving through the black cloud of possible death for any longer made a potential ticket worth the price. 

As I passed the truck, I noticed the logo on the side of the Waste Management truck.  I laughed when I read it, the irony of the situation.

"Think Green".

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