Never Miss a Meeting

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I think I've mentioned before that I live in a neighborhood run by a Homeowners Association.  Homeowners Associations have their good points and their bad points.  The good point being that things are run by the homeowners, and generally they have the best interest of the area at heart.  You also don't have politicians and the like setting the rules for where you live, telling you what you can and cannot do with your property.  The bad point is that your neighbors get to tell you what you can and can do with your property.  That doesn't always go over well.

Just so you know, I do like it out here.  Nice, quiet, peaceful and safe.  Really, what more could you ask for?

Last year sometime, I was asked if I would serve on the board of directors of our little HoA (I'll use this as I get tired of typing "Homeowners Association" every time).  Considering that I haven't really been involved in anything out here since I moved in (at that point, about 8.5 years) I said "sure, why not." but never heard anything else until about May of this year.

In May, the HoA had scheduled their big annual meeting the weekend before I was to go on vacation.  A week or so before, I was asked if I would still consider serving on the board.  "Yeah, sure", I think I said as nothing had changed.  Of course, saying I would serve doesn't necessarily mean I would be elected.  I figured there would be others who would want on the board, as some may have specific agendas they want to follow.  Me...I have no agenda.  I don't seem to know half of what goes on out here, so how could I?  

Besides, people may not necessarily want me on the board.  I don't know half the people out here it seems.  They may not even like me for all I know.  There were those incidents with the dogs.....

I put the annual meeting on my schedule, but then something happens.  The notices of the meeting weren't mailed in time, so they (whoever "they" might be) postponed the meeting one week.  Oh well... I already had my vacation planned, and wasn't going to miss it just to be at a meeting, so I didn't think much else about it and enjoyed my travels. 

In case you missed it, I did write a little about my vacation.  Try to bypass Frankfurt airport if at all possible.  Just a warning...

Anyway, I get back home, and kinda had forgotten about the whole things, but then I get a call telling me of a meeting scheduled and I needed to be there.  I ask if I was put on board, and the caller hesitated a little, and said..."Yes, you're on the board". 

"Cool" I thought.  I guess they do like me. (Just so you know, I am kidding about worrying if they "like" me.  That really isn't an issue. )

I show up at the meeting at 9 AM on a Saturday morning.  Ugh...who schedules these things??  So I mention to someone.."well, looks like I got elected to the board while I was gone."  And they just look at me and say "Elected?  You're the new board president!"

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" was my articulated response.  Shocked to say they least, and wondering what I did wrong to be punished so severely, when someone chimes in "guess you shouldn't have missed that meeting."

I think they're right. 

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