Theory of Yardwork

Monday, July 28, 2008

I have this theory ... a plan if you will... about maintaining one's yard.  It's quite simple actually.  If a group of neighbors never cut their grass, or only cut it once in a great while, then it doesn't look like any one yard is too overgrown.  The only time you might have a problem is when you start losing pets and small children.  However, I have none of these, so what would I care?

However, here in my neighborhood, they seem to take mowing the yard as a blood sport.  They are constantly cutting the grass, and because of this, I either have to cut my own, or have my yard look messy.  Usually, I go for the messy look for a while, but eventually I get a little embarrassed and then cut it.

One neighbor pays to have it cut, which is something I guess I could do, but probably won't.  Besides, I have other uses for my money.  You gas.  That kind of stuff. 

I think that someone who lives in my area actually mows the empty lot on the other side of my house.  I also think he does it for free too, so he must have a lot of time on his hands.  And if he does...hey, he can do my yard for free too.   I wouldn't complain.

Both neighboring properties get mowed often, and it means I have to mow somewhat often too.  Don't they realize its like 9 million degrees outside?  But since they do it, I'm stuck.  See, if they followed my example, the one that pays could save some money, the guy that does it for free could spend his time doing something else, and me...well, I just don't wanna mow! 

And no one would be the wiser!  It can work! 

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