Last Supper

Monday, June 16, 2008

Saturday was my last full day in Iasi.  I hate the end of vacation....the feeling that everything is in limbo... in between places.  Thoughts turning more toward packing than planning the next day's events.  Such as it was for me that afternoon, getting some final souvenirs, doing the last load of laundry, and trying to figure out how everything is going to fit back in those suitcases.

Catalina and I did go out with her friends again for one last final evening together.  At first we all met at a club, Catalina and I, Raluca, Ana, and their boyfriends.  Sat around talked, mainly the girls talked with each other, the guys doing the same.  Though sometimes again the conversations were in Romanian.... imagine that. 

Loud music, smoke, little lighting (kinda dark in the place), and even though the day was unseasonably cold (think blustery October day back in Oklahoma - nice football weather) there were lots of ladies dressed in outfits that left little to the imagination.  I even thought one lady was wearing a nightgown, but was told it was a dress.  Okay....if they say so.  The three ladies at our table were dressed a little more.... normal. 

Allin (Ana's boyfriend) was hungry, as he just got off of work.  He works for a printer, and runoff elections were going to be held on Sunday (June 15) and I guess work has just been crazy.  So, we all left and went to dinner. 

Dinner was at this restaurant in the "dorm" section of town close to a mall.  Iasi is a university town, and this area was full of high rise after high rise dorms.  I didn't know this until they told me... but there must be thousands of rooms in this  Anyway, we have to sit outside on the terrace as the restaurant is full, and we are given menus.

I am learning some Romanian at least.  Enough to start reading a menu and understanding a few of the things on the list.  Yea for me!  I was searching the menu...but not finding something, so I asked Cata, "Where's the beef?".  Of course, most Americans over a certain age recognize this phrase, but she just looked at me and said "Apparently they don't have any."  No beef!?!?!  Oh no!!!!!!!

Often menus here are divided into sections according to the meat involved.  Pork, Chicken, Beef.  Makes it easy for me...  Oh, and they haven't really discovered boneless chicken here. Someone once asked me "How can a chicken not have bones?"  I remember shaking my head and thinking..."What's the point?" when I heard that.  I don't like bones in my me "picky".

I started looking at salads.  "Salad Texana" should be promising, but then Catalina tells me it has olives and "Greek Sauce" on it. That doesn't seem right.....  Next I look at one called "Salad Mexicana"  Oooh...sounds interesting.  But then I find out it has mo sauce, no meat, but it does have peas.  How is this, in any way, related to Mexico?  I guess because it had pieces of corn chips?  Whatever...

I decided on one called something like "Salad Ricci", which has chicken (pieces..of sorts I find out later), lettuce, carrots (why so many though???), corn, and red and green somehow non-spicy peppers.  No dressing, so I put this oil on it.  Now I had oily salad.  It was okay..I ate it.  I was hungry too.  It was nice though, we all sat, talked (I even understood some of it), and watched soccer (football) on the big screen in the corner.  Greece vs. Russia.  Maybe it's just me, but I for some reason don't ever want to see Russia win.

A nice night for all.... hate to see it end.

That's the one bad thing about vacations..... they end. 

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