How to Get Your Daily Calories in One Meal

Monday, June 16, 2008

Eat at McDonald's, that's how.

I ate lunch there today, as it's about a block or two from my hotel.  And the hotel food, well.... that's why I ate at McDonalds. 

After I started eating, I noticed the back of the paper in the tray had the calorie listings for everything they served.  Great!  Until I started reading......oh no!

Lets see...the Big Tasty sandwich is an amazing 850 calories!  How is that even possible?  Even the Big Mac is only 495.  They must have some sort of calorie sauce they put on the thing...but geez...850?  No wonder it tasted so good.  But that's not all I ate.....

Medium Fries: 340
Medium Coke: 170
Cherry Pie: 230

So...I had a grand total of 1,590 calories in one meal!!  That is just OBSCENE!  There goes my diet.  Well, I guess if I don't eat for the rest of the day.....

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