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Monday, June 16, 2008

My hotel room number begins with a 5, and according to the elevator, I'm on floor number 5, but in reality, I'm on the 6th floor.

"How is this possible?", you might ask.... well, its all in how you start counting.  Here it seems the ground floor doesn't count.  It's floor 0.  The next floor up is floor #1.  This causes me lots of problem in elevators, as I tend to automatically push the "1" button, then realize ..."Ooops!" and then press 0. 

Catalina and I have some interesting discussions about this.  Of course, she feels that her method of counting is right, and of course, I feel that mine is a bit more accurate.

Discussions kinda like this:

Jeff: "So Cata...how many floors does my house have?"
Cat: "1."
Jeff: "So that would be floor 1, right?"
Cat: "No, that would be floor 0."
Jeff: "But 0 is nothing, and I have something...I have 1!"
Cat: "You have the ground floor, that floor isn't numbered, its 0."

It goes on...all in good fun.  But makes you wonder what would happen in an emergency. 

Emergency: "What floor are you on?" 
Trapped: "Oh...I'm on...wait...hmm....not sure really...I think 5...but is that 5 really?  Or maybe 6?  Hmm.."

I prefer things where 1 = 1, 2 = 2 and so on......makes life much simpler, and operating elevators much easier.

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