Bad Dad

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm over here in Romania, and it seems that I sort of lose track of what is going on in the "real world".  Not that Romania isn't part of the "real world", it's just that I don't live here, and other than Catalina, my life takes place about 6000 miles away.

I feel a little disconnected, to say the least.

And that is what leads me to say...."Bad Dad".  I forgot Krista's birthday, which was Monday.  Oh... I feel terrible about that.  Better bring her home an extra nice gift to make up for it.....

Guess I need a vacations over birthdays.   Even on a normal day, I can sometimes be a little absent minded.  But on vacation?  My mind really takes some time off......  If I took too much time off, I might even forget I have kids.  Well, probably not.  They wouldn't EVER let me forget.  Even if I tried... and I would never do that, would I? 

Sorry Krista....Happy Birthday!!!  Even if it is a few days late. 


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