Machine Gun Man

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Walking down the street, camera in hand, taking random shots of Iasi and some of its residents, when a light blue van passes by.  I look at the older, somewhat rusted van, and see that the door is wide open.  Inside is a guy, kneeling by the open door, holding a machine gun. 

The van is unmarked, doesn't look like a police vehicle but it could be.  Could be military too, but the guy wasn't in a military outfit.  He looked more like a SWAT team member, wearing the tactical type gear you see on TV.  Of course, he could have been a criminal on his way to or from some robbery.  How would I know?

The van slows down right beside me, obviously to avoid hitting the car in front of it.  The man inside braces himself against the sudden breaking of the van.  I'm looking at him, surprised at what I'm seeing.  He looks up and sees me, but no emotion as such on his face.

My first thought was..."quick! take a picture!", then my second thought was "wait!  what if I shoot my camera, and he shoots his gun?"   I would certainly lose out on that one, for sure.  I didn't take the picture.

Nobody pays much attention as the van speeds off, the guy in the machine gun not trying to hide his presence as they fly down the road.  I keep wondering what happened, or what will happen, and why did no one seem to care?  Questions I'll never get an answer to probably. curious.

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