Gas Prices

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Saw an article about how gas prices in the US have reached an average $4 a gallon.  Oh man, when I get home, I'm going to work, then home, and never go anywhere else.  Can't afford it. 

I wondering if I can get groceries delivered?

Gas statoins are not common in the middle of Iasi.  No room really, so it's not often I see one.  But on one recent trek across town (walking... of course) I passed a station.  The price was 5 something in the Romanian currency per liter. I did a quick calculation.  Multiply the price by 4 to get the approximate price per gallon, then divide by 2.3 to get the price into US$. 

If my calculation is correct, the price for gas here in Iasi Romania is $9 per gallon.  WHAT?  Okay... let me use a calculator to verify...okay...price x 4 / 2.3 ..... yep, about $9.

Geez...why is anyone in a car?  I hope they all get 100 miles to the gallon (they don't) because that is just insane!  The average Romanian makes $560 (US) per months, or 62 gallons of gas.  A ride on the bus is about $1...if I lived here, I know what I'd be doing.

If gas gets that high at home, I'll start telecommuting from Lakeland.  The only bright side about $4 per gallon least it's not $9 per gallon.


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