No Graduation Ceremony

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Normally I take my vacation right after tax season, but this year I decided to wait.  The main reason I waited is so I could see Catalina's graduation ceremony from nursing school.  And now...the ceremony has been canceled.

Great.  That sucks....

Why?  I'm not really sure.  First of all, Catalina always told me it wouldn't be that big of a deal to start with.  Just a little presentation.  That's fine, I still wanted to be there.  Second, there are only 20 some people in her class, but a lot of them are working adults or parents with kids to take care of.  So getting them together at one time for a special event isn't always easy.

Plus, as Catalina said as she shrugged..."It's Romania." as if that were enough to explain it all. 

Maybe it is.... after being here 3 separate times, I can kinda understand what she means.

Cata is obviously a little disappointed.  She and her friends had plans for a celebration of sorts after the ceremony, but I think that could go on even without the ceremony.

At least Catalina has graduated.  Now she has to study for her license exam.... which is in August, I think.  Well, that's the schedule at least.  After all, this IS Romania, so you just never really know....

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