Cata in High School

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Catalina asked me if I would like to look at her high school yearbook, and of course I said yes. 

She then proceeds to pull out a little booklet from the bookshelf, smaller in size than a regular comic book.  Puzzling.... not quite what I expected.

The Pryor High School yearbook, probably like a lot of other yearbooks in the US, is a big, hard bound thing with zillions of pages, pictures, and advertisements.  Cata's book was maybe 12 pages, including the front and back covers. 

We started looking at the pictures, at first the instructors, then those of all 24 of the graduating seniors in her class.  And that was it.  Short, sweet and simple.

My first thought was "this is a yearbook?" but it really gets the job done.  The next thought was "Wow... that was a small class."  Only 24 students.  I thought my class (PHS 1984) was small, but we had about 120 or so.  Then I noticed something....of the 24 students, 19 were female.  Another thought...."Wow, nice odds!"

Looking at Catalina's picture, I noticed that her face seemed a little more "full" than it is right now.  If you've seen Cat, she is a tiny little thing, so I asked her about this, and she said, "Oh yes, I was a  bit bigger back then."  "Bigger" is a relative term, because she was still tiny, but many people lose weight after they graduate high school?

It's just not fair!  Plus..she was thin to start with...

I just rolled my eyes a bit and said... "oh yes...SOOOOOOOOO much bigger" and stuck my tongue out at her. 

Really...not fair!

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