I Need a Drink!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No, not an alcoholic drink, just something to drink!  Anything...well, not anything, but for some reason, I can't seem to get enough liquids.

It starts at restaurants.  I know I am spoiled, but at most restaurants where I live, there are free refills of soda, coffee, and of course, water...which is free anyway.  Then there is work, where I have my first morning cup of coffee...then another.... and another and another and another...and so on.  I drink way too much caffeine (beside the point). At night I may have a Diet Mountain Dew and/or some generic Crystal Light stuff.  I'm always drinking something it seems. 

Here...not quite the same.  I do get some coffee at my apartment in the morning, but not so much since I'm not often here.  Out and about...so to speak.  Then there are the restaurants.....

When you order a drink at a restaurant here...lets say you want a Pepsi.  Fine..they bring you a Pepsi, in a bottle, and a glass.  The waiter or waitress will then open the bottle at your table and pour the contents into the glass (ice?  what...you think this is America?) and set the glass on the table.  If the glass is too small to hold the full contents of the bottle, the also leave the bottle.

Same for water....it's all bottled.  And coffee...no big pot brewing in the back, each cup is made just for you.  Nice, but not conducive to refills. 

I guess the fountain drink idea hasn't caught on here.

Right after you order, you get your drink.  Usually some tiny little bottle, say about 8 - 12 ounces, depending on what you order.  Or if it's coffee, a little small cup.  Sizes I'm not exactly sure about.  Everything is in liters here... I just know it isn't big.

So this little drink has to last you through the entire meal.  And they bring it to you 15 minutes before the meal even starts.  This isn't an easy thing to do.  Besides, half the time I walk to dinner, and I'm dying of thirst just from the walk.  I could inhale the tiny bottle in one gulp...but then I would have nothing left for the meal.

Okay..I know I could order another drink...and another...and so on and so on.  But you have to pay for each drink, and for some reason, this just doesn't seem right.  I have a hard time doing that, so I take teeny tiny sips at this drink, trying to make it last, usually with about 80% of it gone by the time my food arrives.  How do these Europeans survive??  I'm surprised they're all aren't dehydrated....

And lets talk about sizes.  Catalina and I went out for coffee with some friends.  One person ordered a small coffee.  I've seen doll tea sets that have bigger cups.  It wasn't a "small", it was a SIP.  It should've been served in a shot glass.  I ordered the "large" and I got what I would consider a "regular" sized cup, but of course, no refills.  I need a Route 44 from Sonic

The only place that seems to have fountain drinks are the American chains that have made it over here.  McDonalds and KFC.  Pizza Hut may as well, but I've never been there.  However, I know McDonalds charges for ketchup, you think they'll give you a free refill?  Right....

Not sure if it's safe to drink the tap water.  Maybe I should ask..they don't serve it at restaurants, so it makes you kinda wonder..

I also don't have much a fridge at my apartment, it holds a little, but not much.  Besides, I can't find Diet Mountain Dew or Diet Dr Pepper to save my life.  Just Coke or Pepsi, and their "Light" (Diet) counterparts.  I don't like either...... so I've been drinking lots of Orange Juice, but can only do so much of that before it does weird things to my stomach.

Oh, and I did find a beer that is sold in 2 liter bottles, just like soft drinks.  In fact, I thought it was a soft drink and was looking at trying it out until someone told me what it was, and also mentioned that its not really good beer at that. 

I know the first thing I will do when I get back to Oklahoma is stop by QuikTrip and get a HUGE fountain drink.  I might just drink it right on the spot and refill it before I go.  Wonder if that would be a free refill?

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