No News is Good News?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Haven't heard much from the family or office since I got here.  I assume that means everything is okay.  Assuming, though, is not always a safe thing to do.

I do have a cell phone here, Mom called to make sure it worked.  It did, obviously since I know she called.  Nicole has called several times, once to ask me a questions about taxes, another to make sure I would pay a certain bill for her. 

Nicole would hunt me down to the ends of the earth if she needed something.  I guess that includes Romania.

Not much in the way of email though, but I do check.  I promised to keep on top of it "just in case".  So, like right now, I check my email.  While its 6:30 PM back home, its 2:30 AM the next day here in Iasi. 

Why am I up so late? 

Long story...story for another entry I suppose, but the short of it is....I'm on vacation.  Why not?

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