Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friday night, I went bowling.  Catalina and I met Ana and Allin (and later Raluca) at Club Viper.  The name sounds a bit ominous, but it's in the basement of the Iulius Mall here in Iasi.  The club is basically a pool hall with bowling that serves drinks and where people smoke.  LOTS of smoke....

The bowling reminded me of home, perhaps because the instructions for the computerized scoring were in English.  And the shoes had American sizes on the back....just like "normal".  Wonder where they got their equipment from? 

Picked out my size 10½ from the shoes stored in a cabinet, put them on, then went to look for a bowling ball.  The balls here are a bit different than what is used back in the states.  Instead of being smooth and slick, these bowling balls were textured and rough.  Though made of the same material as a "regular" bowling ball, they looked like an asphalt road.  Not sure a professional would like a ball such as this, as it would be hard to figure out how the ball would curve as it was thrown down the alley.  But the way I play...didn't matter.  I just throw and see what happens.

There were three colors of bowling balls available, the black being the heaviest, the green being somewhat lighter, and the red the lightest of all.  The black ball was more in line to what I was used to, and the finger holes fit, so I chose it. Allin chose a green one.

Bowling was fun, especially since I won both games.  Allin said he was getting tired, and that he must be getting old.  I looked at him questioningly and ask..."How old are you?".  He replied, "28".

"You do realize that I'm 14 years older than you are?", I asked.   "Yes," he answered, "but you don't act it".  I think that was a compliment....I'm pretty sure it was.  But I do know that my dad would wholeheartedly agree with his statement. 

After the game, we took off the bowling shoes and he started to put his back in the cabinet.  I asked "Don't we need to give these to the guy at the desk so they can spray the cleaning stuff in them?"  Allin looked at me as if I was crazy and said "No".


Good thing I didn't know that BEFORE I started.....

I put my shoes up, and next we played pool.  Lets just say I suck at pool and leave it at that. 

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