Deadbolt Question

Friday, June 6, 2008

I moved to my "real" apartment on Tuesday, the one I had the last time I was here.  Glad to be here...thought it is tiny I like it.  Except maybe for the bathroom.  Story for another day....

Anyway, the door has a deadbolt.  I use this to lock the door at night, and when I leave to go out.  I'm not sure, though, I fully understand why it does what it does.

When you turn the key around once to lock the door, it moves the deadbolt out a little, but the door is still locked.  If you turn the key around again, the deadbolt moves out more. 

Does this mean the door is more locked?  If so, why would you only kinda lock the door?  Why have the two steps..just fully lock the door and be done with it.

Not sure why I dwell on this...but it just confuses me.... a mystery.  I really should ask someone about this....

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