4 Bottles of Wine

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

For my birthday, I suggested that perhaps I should be given a nice bottle of wine. 

You know, something not too expensive, easy to pick out, and something that gets used up so it doesn't matter if you already have some.  Wasn't too sure what else to ask for, other things would be too hard to pick out (like clothes) or to hard to take back with me.  Besides, I don't really need that much.

So, I made my suggestion, and everyone listened.  I got 4 bottles of wine.  Great!  Except...now what?  Do I take them home?  Kinda bulky in the suitcase, add weight to each case, and not to mention breakable.  Or... I could drink them all before I go home in two weeks.

Good thing I didn't rent a car.

I have a plan....Catalina and I will drink a glass each night, and see how far that gets me.  I may have to take a bottle or two with me, but hopefully not all 4.

As for some other gifts... I got some candy (yummy), a small desk clock, and Catalina got me a really nice shirt. 

Not sure about the wine, but I can tell you this....the candy will be gone by the time I leave Romania.   Eating I am good at! 

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