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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Let's see if this makes sense.  The apartment I'm in right now isn't my apartment.  At least it isn't the apartment I rented.

The apartment I rented has some guy from Scotland in it at the moment.  He was in the apartment I am in now, but he was having too many people stay in the apartment, more than he paid for in the rental agreement.  So, the apartment owner moved him to my apartment, and now I have his apartment.  I will get to have my apartment when this Scot moves out of it. 

Yeah..that's right I think.

This apartment is nice, and decent size.  One bedroom, a living area, small kitchen, bathroom.  It's on the second floor of sorts.  Second from the front entrance, third from the back.  As you walk in the front, you can go down a few steps to some rooms, or up a few steps to other rooms. elevators.

There are two or three apartments on each floor, and the one I'm in has windows in the front and back sides of the building.  The front overlooks the street and a small museum on the other side.  The back kitchen window looks out on more apartments and such, with two big trees right outside providing shade and protection from prying eyes.  Lots of trees in this area, a line of which runs parallel to the back of the building, but these two are so close you can reach out and touch them.  There is a fresh, clean smell as the breeze filters through the leaves and then into the kitchen.  Very peaceful....

The TV is not in the living room, but on the wall of the bedroom, so really, the living room is wasted space.  This room does have the Internet connection, but for some reason it doesn't work.  Which is why nothing has been posted to my site thus far. 

The guy I rented from told me that the asking price for an apartment ( condos) would be about 2,000 Euros per square meter.  Wow...that's over $300 per square foot if my math is right.  Ouch!  If my house were here, it would be worth $420,000.  That's a lot! 

Hopefully I will be moving soon, before I get too settled in here.  Plus, I was told the Internet REALLY works at my apartment.  Great.... though I've heard that before.

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