City Sleeping

Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's late on a Friday night...maybe Saturday morning, and having a slight problem falling asleep.

I'm too used to living in the country.  For me, the only noises at night tend to be the birds, crickets and frogs.  Sometimes you can heard the wind blow, but that's usually about it.  And by turning on a fan close to my bed, those sounds just simply disappear.

Tonight I hear many new sounds, none of which are really conducive to sleeping.  It doesn't help that I have the windows open for ventilation, but that's needed to keep the place cool.  I hear dogs barking, echoing through the high-rise apartment and other concrete buildings.  Its a Friday night, people are out and about having fun and not realizing how loud they actually are.  I can't tell if people are arguing or just loud. 

I can hear cars racing up the street.  They don't go down the street...its a one way street.  Well, I take that back.  A car just went the wrong way.  Not really all that surprised.  There is a hospital close by, and this street is used quite often by the ambulances.  QUITE often.  Not sure how many times the "EEEEEE WOOOO EEEEEE WOOOO" of a siren has passed below my window, but more than just a few.

I heard what I can only HOPE were cats fighting.  If not cats, then there were will be another ambulance down this way very soon. 

The hoot of owls wasn't something I expected in the middle of a big city.

Don't these noises bother Catalina?  I ask...and she says "what noise?".  And yet she doesn't like the soft gentle hum of a fan.  Go figure...

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