Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time for me to fly. 


Been packing this week, trying to figure out what I need, and what I don't need to take on this trip.  Researching what the baggage limits are for my flights.  Looks like I can take two bags up to 50 pound each to check in, and take one carry on plus one "personal bag" on the plane with me.  My "personal bag" is my laptop case, and believe me, my laptop case can hold a lot. 

Like the American Express commercial used to say... "Don't leave home without it". 

There are times to pack light, and then there are times when not to pack light.  Since I will be staying in one place, not moving around much, I can take a lot with me and not have to worry.  I like having options, though Cata has told me not to pack too much, since she'd do my laundry.  That's nice, but I feel a bit guilty.  I'm not flying to Romania just to have her spend her time cleaning my clothes.  The more clothes I have with me, the less laundry that needs to be done. 

My carry on bag is an Eagle Creek wheeled tote that supposedly fits under the seat.  It's small, but combined with my laptop case, will carry all the stuff I need on the plane.  And its not that I need lots of stuff with me, but I do NOT check my electronic gear, such as my laptop or digital camera.  I've heard too many stories of peoples computers just disappearing out of their checked suitcases.  Not sure why anyone would leave a computer or such in their luggage, might as well put a sign on the case saying "Free Laptop - Please Take" if you do.

Got everything packed, and am ready to go.  I'll post this at my apartment in Romania, as I should (hopefully) have Internet once I get there. 

A bit nervous, as always when starting out a big trip.  It's the destination, but the traveling to get their.  Airports are a pain, and changing flights isn't one of my favorite things to do.  I have four separate flights on this trip... more chances for errors, and more chances for my suitcases to get lost.  I'll be glad when I get there.

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