Blast from the Past

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's not every day that someone walks into your office that you haven't seen in 10 years, but today that is exactly what happened.

In the mid '90's I used to hang out with a guy named James Mitchell.  Actually, that's still his name, but he moved away sometime before the year 2000.  He went to Florida...or North Carolina... or somewhere like that.  Not sure once he left, we sorta lost contact.  Such is the way it is in life I guess.

Having Mitch around was a great thing after my divorce.  He was a friend and co-worker of my ex, but somehow I ended up with "custody".  Not sure exactly how that happened, but it did.  We had a blast though, did a lot of things, went to a lot of places.

Concerts for one.  He and I are both big music fans, and I think he is perhaps one of the biggest KISS fans ever.  Which may explain why we saw them in Oklahoma City, Dallas, and even is Los Angeles.  The Los Angeles show in particular was amazing.  Halloween night, KISS and the Smashing Pumpkins, and driving a Mustang convertible throughout the streets of Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  Also, the nice friendly ladies waving to us from the street corners.  Yeah...okay, I'm no fool.  We waved back, but that was it.

We also went to several in Tulsa, including the EdgeFest which sparked the infamous "Nicole's Shirt" incident.  Let's just say I've done smarter things in my life....

Another concert was one of my favorites, Corrosion of Conformity, in Kansas City.  We spent 3 hours waiting in the hot August sun waiting for the doors to open.  It seems that one of the band members in one of the bands playing was sick, so they delayed the opening.  When we finally got in, we were a bit tired, cranky, and just wanted to see Corrosion, and never even heard of the first opening band..a band called Drain STH.  I remember saying something to the effect that they should just skip this Drain band and move on to the headliner.  Then we discovered that the "STH" stood for Stockholm and the band was made up of four blonde and gorgeous Swedish women.  And they were good too!  Mitch and I both forgot about being tired after that....

Sometimes we'd go "shopping" in Tulsa.  Not your typical shopping, but go looking at electronics and stuff.  He was also a big Star Wars fan, so he would buy all these "toys" to collect.  He was to Star Wars as I am to comic books, so that should tell you something.  As for electronics, there would be this unannounced contest to see who would spend the least amount of money.  We would goad each other into buying something that we really didn't need.  This partially explains my $2500 surround sound speaker set in my living room.  I think I lost that day...but if I remember right, just barely.

Life goes on, and eventually Mitch moved away from Pryor to experience a bit more the world had to offer.  And I stayed in Pryor, raising my kids and generally enjoying life.  People come and go out of our lives every day, but its nice when one pops back in to say "Hi".  Brings back old and pleasant memories... things I haven't thought of in years. 

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