Sunday Funday (not!)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This wasn't the best of days.  My phone didn't work, my Internet was having problems, and my DISH satellite repair appointment was cancelled.  Plus, I used this really potent bug spray in a vain attempt to rid me of my wood bee infestation.

Not sure what is going on with the phone system.  Sometimes when it rains, my phone goes out, but my DSL (phone line based) Internet stays on.  When I got home from church, my phone was completely dead.  But like usual, my Internet service still seemed to function.  But as I was checking my email, my connection dropped and I couldn't reconnect. 

So I tried the phone.... it worked.  I don't know.  Maybe its and either/or situation.  I get one or the other, but not allowed to have both.  I need to get this fixed.

My DISH appointment was scheduled from anywhere between noon and 5 PM.  I love those vague times.  Might as well say "we have no clue, we'll just get there sometime."  I rushed home from church so I could be there by noon, just in case. 

Question:  When they give these time ranges, do they ever show up in the first hour of the range?  Not in my experience....

I got home about 5 minutes late, but I guess it didn't really matter.  I got a call on my cell phone (at least IT still worked) as I was spraying the bees.  Not hearing the phone, they left a message telling me that they had several people "call in" and they wouldn't make my appointment today.  Great.  The note also said to call and reschedule.

Well, initially I was surprised they had Sunday appointments.  Happy...but surprised.  So I guess I'm not really all that surprised that their contractors didn't really want to work on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  The message I got said they had several "call in", but they didn't say they called in sick.  I rescheduled for the next Saturday from 8 AM to noon.  Lets hope they don't show up early ..... not sure I will be awake.

As for the bees, I seem to have wood bees poking holes in my carport.  So, I have this heavy duty bug spray I bought from Chouteau Lime, mixed it, and started spraying around the area.  Of course the bees were high up, and when I sprayed, I seemed to get lots of blow back right down on me.  Didn't really matter where I stood, it found me.  Not sure who got sprayed the most; me or the bees.  Good thing I'm not a bug.

My neighbor came over and told me that the poisons and such don't work all that well on the bees.  I later found this to be true when I researched it on the web.  According to my neighbor, the best weapon against wood bees is a big fly swatter, or better yet, a badminton racket (or would that be "racquet"?).  No kidding...that's what he said. 

After the spraying fiasco, I may have go find a big fly swatter.

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