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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Over the years, things break. Just one of the "joys" of home ownership.  So, my next project is to replace 8 light fixtures, and add one new one.  Well, I won't replace them, and electrician will.  I'll just pick out what I want.  I don't mess with electricity, as I prefer to live.  I'd be electrocuted in no time, so I'll leave it to the professionals.

In the two smaller bedrooms, I'm adding ceiling fans with lights, instead of just a regular light.  When Catalina moves here in November, I will have to keep the house warmer.  Her idea of warm and mine seem to differ by about 20 degrees F.  Maybe not that much, but I will still need to up the temperature a bit, so the ceiling fans will help me cool off if I'm in a different room.

Some of the plastic is breaking off on the chandelier lights in the dining area and entryway.  Those gotta go as well.  With the light in the hallway, you never know if you will get one, two or all three bulbs lit.  I don't really understand why that is, but I'm sure it isn't good.  So, I figure that one needs to be replaced as well.  The light in my bedroom closet works, but when you replace the bulb, sparks fly.  Some of the plastic around the wiring has cracked and broken off, causing it to short a bit when you move the thing the bulb screws into.  Probably a fire hazard....

In each of the bathrooms, there is a Heat/Vent/Light unit.  I love these things, as on a cold morning, you can heat yourself up in a short bit.  Unfortunately, the heat part has gone out on both, so out they go!  The only new light will be in the hall closet.  Its small, but no direct light makes it in, so its hard to see inside it, especially at night. 

I went to Home Depot to find some of the light fixtures... well, some of the basic ones.  I got the ceiling fans, bathroom things, and lights for the closet.  As for the dining area, entryway and hallway, I wanted something nice and matching.  So, I invited my mom to go to Garbe's with me, help me find something tasteful that would go with my house.  Not sure I trust my own judgment on decorating... it's not really my thing.

Really liked this black iron piece with white globes, but mom suggested that might not fit in with the rest of my decor.  Yeah..probably right...would seem a bit out of place.  Then I found this set of lights that the metal is a dark oiled bronze, with an off white glass.  There was a piece for the entryway, a nice one for the dining area, and a somewhat matching item for the hallway.  I haven't bought them yet (wanted to measure, etc.) but they look good. 

The really good thing is that I got all this stuff (or will get) for less money than I figured would take.  That's always a nice feeling.  Lets just hope I get the same feeling with the electrician.  Won't hold my breath on that one.

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