Ch-ch-ch-changes (think David Bowie)

Friday, May 16, 2008

(I love that song.)

Things in my life are changing a bit.  More than just a bit really.  A lot it seems.  Change is a constant I guess, as life never stays the same. 

Krista has a serious boyfriend now, and it appears its going very well.  She says he's a lot like me, which makes me smile and worry at the same time.  Hard to explain why I feel both, but I know myself fairly well...we will just leave it at that.  Still, a future marriage in the making.....? 

Speaking of marriage, Nicole is engaged!  Yeah....doesn't seem possible, but she is.  I got a call at 1 AM when she was in Hawaii over Spring Break.  I wasn't too coherent at the time, so I wasn't sure I had actually received the call when I woke up in the morning.  Apparently Nicole realized the time change after she called, didn't call anyone else until a more appropriate time.  So, when she called my parents, they called me to let me know I wasn't dreaming about her engagement.  The date is set for October 2009, so hopefully I will have time to save up to pay for the wedding.  I told her she should go to Vegas...have Elvis do the ceremony!  That didn't go over so well. 

The cats are now out of my house.  Nicole took them this morning, and now there is a lot less hair floating around.  It's a great feeling, though Nicole has already sent me a note via Yahoo that she feels like she is breathing cat hair.  My heart bleeds for her....

Going on vacation soon, and I sorely need a vacation, and of course I will be going to Romania to visit Catalina.  Looking forward to that for sure.  And, on November 15th I will be getting married to Ms. Nistor.  Also looking forward to that! 

Looks like I may now get elected to the Lakeland Homeowners Association board of directors.  I won't be there for the meeting, but that seems to be when a person gets volunteered for the most jobs.  I'm hoping they just make me a board member, and not an officer.  But I guess I will find out after the meeting.  The suspense will be killing me....

I don't always like change, but I've gone through my fair share in the past several years.  Not all of it was for the good, but these changes lately are pretty darn good!  Well, we shall see about the Lakeland thing.... it could go either way.


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