Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 11, 2008

To all the Mother's out there, happy Mother's Day.

I spent the afternoon in Tulsa visiting my grandmother and mother, for a late afternoon lunch made by my dad.  A nice day for all.  I got my grandmother and mom each a card and some flowers.  Actually, I got the flowers from church, as after the service they weren't going to be using them any more.  I didn't steal them, the people at the church thought it would be a good idea for me to take them.  How nice, and I get credit for it.  And as long as they don't read this, I will continue to get credit.

As I get older, I realize that this world is a strange and crazy place, and I see all the terrible things that kids today have to face.  Abuse, neglect, and even death at the hands of their family.  Imagine!  It's on the news all the time, in the papers.  That's just the really bad stuff.  The sorta bad stuff never makes the headlines, but it's out there nonetheless.

Most kids, when they're young and the live at home, typically complain about their parents.  "They won't let me do this" or "they won't let me go to the concert" and the list could go on.  I was the same, but when I left home for the "real world", I realized just how good I had it.  I know my Mom worked hard to shelter me from all the bad stuff out in the world, and she did a good job I do believe. (Sorry Dad, you too, but this is Mom's day)  My daily life was filled with love, kindness, respect, but enough discipline to keep me in line.  Hate to say it, but probably need the discipline.   And how my Mom treated me, it is obvious her mom (my Grandma) treated her.  I just hope I did the same well enough for my own kids.  I had good teachers.....

I'm lucky.

Thanks Mom! Grandma too!

PS. This is an interesting story on Mother's Day....

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