Jailbird Mack

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Before the cats leave my "possession", I told Nicole that I would take them to the vet to get their shots.  That way, she wouldn't have to do it, or more importantly, she wouldn't have to PAY for it.

Took Mack on Tuesday morning (took Izzy on Monday) and left him there at Pryor Vet Hospital.  After work, went back to pick him up, but there was a slight problem.  Mack was NOT a happy camper, and wouldn't let the vet employees get him out of the cage.  They asked if I would go back and see what I could do.

Apparently I couldn't do much.

Mack saw me and hissed.  Sort of a high pitched growl at first that ended in a hiss, teeth bared and a look from him that could kill.  I started talking to him, trying to calm him down.  He just lay in the back of the cage looking at me, but when I would start to reach for him, again with the growl/hiss.  They had newspapers on the floor of the cage, which of course Mack was lying on, so I tugged at them pulling him closer to me.

That did not help.  As I pulled the papers, he would growl, hiss, and scoot himself back to the rear of the cage. It wasn't going well, so I thought I would just have to pull him out quickly and get it done with.  Not a smart thing to do, looking back.

First, gotta let you know that at the vet, the room has cages all along one wall.  This wall of cages is three high and three across, of which Mack was in the bottom on the far side of the room. In the cage above his was this cute little dog, who was pressing his nose through the bar of the cage, looking as if he was just quietly but anxiously waiting for someone to take him away from his cell.

Okay, I reach in and grab the cat, quickly pulling him from the cage.  He let out a scream that was just horrible.  I have never heard such a thing, but it was obvious that he wasn't happy.  As I pulled him out of the cage and lifted him up, he saw the dog from above and literally tried to kill him.  Claws flying, still screaming, he scared that poor dog out of its wits.  His claws grabbed the cage, but I wasn't sure whether my stupid cat was trying to hold on to stop me from taking him away, or if he was trying to break in to get the dog.  Mack was like the Tasmanian Devil, twisting, turning, scratching, clawing... trying to destroy everything it could within his reach.  Including me. 

Dropping the cat, he zips back into his cage.  At this point a vet, and some of the people who work up front come in and see what is going on.  Mack's screams were so loud they heard them all the way in the reception area, and this is a pretty big building.  Mack is usually a laid back cat, so I asked the vet why this would be happening.  Basically, he said that sometimes after the shock and pain of the shots, they "blow a fuse" but if I let him spend the night he would probably be okay the next day.

Sure enough, I left Mack in "jail" for the night, and the next day he was better.  I still don't think he was happy, but they at least got him out of the cage and into a carrier.  And he was sure happy to get home.  When we turned the corner of my street and he saw the house, he started meowing.  When we got back in the house, he wouldn't leave my side for the next hour or so.

Kinda glad to have Mack back home.....

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